140 St Georges TERRACE


In Perth’s CBD on St Georges Terrace, Benchmark Painting took on a challenging industrial painting project at St George’s Plant Room. The challenge involved refurbishing the heavily used and damaged floor while making it OHSE compliant with non-slip application and line marking. All this had to be done while minimising disruption to the occupied high-rise commercial office building. This successful project was completed in 2021 to the satisfaction of both the strata management and tenants.


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To avoid disturbances during business hours all of the work was carried out after hours. Benchmark Painting’s team of skilled painters demonstrated their expertise and professionalism in executing the project seamlessly within the designated time frame.

The primary focus of the project was the plant room floor, which had endured years of wear and chemical spills. Our team meticulously prepared the surface using advanced floor grinders, ensuring a smooth and even foundation for the upcoming refurbishment. High-quality epoxy mortar was then applied to patch up damages and level the floor, setting the stage for the subsequent paint application.

The pinnacle of the refurbishment was the expert application of epoxy paint, offering both aesthetic enhancement and exceptional durability. The epoxy paint not only revitalized the floor’s appearance but also provided resistance to chemicals and heavy foot traffic. To prioritise safety, non-slip aggregate was incorporated into the epoxy paint, ensuring secure footing within the plant room.

As part of the project, safety colours and line marking were implemented to clearly define designated areas and vital pathways within the plant room. These visual cues contribute to improved safety measures and enhance overall efficiency.

Benchmark Painting’s flexibility and commitment to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the project. Our team’s ability to work after hours minimised disruptions for the building’s tenants.

The successful completion of this plant room refurbishment project showcases Benchmark Painting’s expertise in industrial painting. Our meticulous attention to detail, adherence to tight schedules, and ability to deliver exceptional results have solidified the reputation we have as a leading provider in the industry.

With our skilled team and dedication to excellence, Benchmark Painting has proven to be a trusted name in the commercial/industrial painting sector.


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