Industrial Painting for Casuarina Prison


Benchmark Painting recently completed an impressive industrial painting project at Casuarina Prison in Perth. The project involved a combination of new construction and refurbishment of existing structures within the prison complex. As part of the contract, Benchmark Painting was entrusted with the task of painting the internal and external surfaces of nine different buildings, including a substantial number of prison cells and a commercial kitchen.


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The internal painting work comprised of 256 prison cells, each requiring meticulous attention to detail. In addition, the commercial kitchen demanded a specialised food-grade commercial epoxy flooring finish, which included the application of epoxy coving. This ensured a durable and hygienic surface for the demanding environment. The team also undertook line marking on all the cell floors, as well as on four basketball courts within the prison premises.

On the external front, Benchmark Painting was tasked with applying texture finishes and treating architectural metal elements. These elements required careful handling and precision to meet the highest standards expected for a prison facility of this nature. Given the project’s government affiliation, the finishes had to be executed flawlessly, leaving no room for compromise.

Executing such a significant painting project required a dedicated and skilled workforce. Benchmark Painting deployed a team of 32 specialists with expertise in painting and epoxy flooring. The project also necessitated the use of elevated work platforms to reach and paint high areas efficiently and safely.

Moreover, due to the nature of the facility, stringent security measures were implemented to ensure proper site access for employees. These measures were vital to maintain the safety and integrity of the prison premises throughout the project duration. The team at Benchmark Painting diligently followed all security protocols to ensure a smooth and secure working environment.

To meet the project’s requirements, the painting task was staged over specific time periods, with each deadline being met as per the project schedule. This demonstrated Benchmark Painting’s commitment to delivering a high-quality finish within the agreed-upon timeframes. The coordination, efficiency, and attention to detail exhibited by the team contributed to the successful completion of the industrial painting project at Casuarina Prison.

Benchmark Painting’s work at Casuarina Prison in Perth exemplifies their expertise in handling complex industrial painting projects. Their ability to meet the strictest standards, adhere to security protocols, and deliver excellent results showcases their professionalism and commitment to industrial painting projects in Perth.


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