Cloisters SQUARE


Benchmark Painting completed an iconic commercial painting project on Cloisters Square in 2014. Located on Hay Street in the heart of Perth City, Cloisters Square is a bustling hub of activity. The project involved commercial interior painting of a new building with a predominantly glass exterior.


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The project presented several challenges, including special access requirements due to the busy location. Benchmark Painting assigned a team of 21 professionals to the job to ensure that it was completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget. One of the key aspects of the project was the extensive metal finishes required on the structural and architectural steel. This was a technically demanding aspect of the job, and the Benchmark Painting team had to apply their expertise to achieve a flawless finish. The steel surfaces were first cleaned and prepared, then coated with a primer to ensure good adhesion. Finally, the metal surfaces were coated with a high-quality paint to provide long-lasting protection against corrosion. The ground floor of the building houses a food court, which was painted by the Benchmark Painting team to create an attractive and welcoming space for customers. The commercial and retail spaces surrounding the food court were also painted to create a cohesive look throughout the building. The upper floors of the building comprise office space, and these were painted to meet the builder’s specifications. The Benchmark Painting team worked closely with the builder to ensure that the office spaces were painted to a high standard, providing a professional and inviting atmosphere for workers. The building also has two floors of car park, which were painted by the Benchmark Painting team. This included painting signage and line markings to ensure that the car park was safe and easy to navigate for drivers. Overall, the Cloisters Square project was considered a great success by the client, the builder and the Benchmark Painting team. The iconic building is now a popular destination for visitors to Perth City, and the high-quality painting work completed by Benchmark Painting has contributed to its success.


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