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In 2016, a team of four skilled commercial and industrial painters from Benchmark Painting undertook a significant commercial painting project for the Holiday Inn on Hay Street in West Perth. Commissioned by the reputable building company Cooper and Oxley Builders, Benchmark Painting played a vital role in enhancing the appearance and functionality of this international chain hotel, which serves as an important accommodation option for tourists and travellers in the Perth metropolitan area. As tourism continues to grow in the region, the Holiday Inn’s role in providing quality hospitality becomes increasingly significant.

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Benchmark Painting utilised Ecotone concrete sealer, a high-quality paint application, on the external exposed aggregate tilt-up panels of the building. By using spray machines, the painters were able to achieve a consistent and durable finish. The Ecotone sealer not only provides lasting colour but also enhanced the strength and safety of the building’s surfaces. This attention to detail and utilisation of specialised paints ensured that the Holiday Inn maintained its attractive appearance and structural integrity over time.

Working on an enormous 17-story building in the heart of the city presented logistical challenges for the team. However, Benchmark Painting successfully managed the project by employing scaffolding, swing stages, and boom lifts to access different areas of the building efficiently and safely. They had to work around vehicles occupying street parking, as well as nearby residences and commercial properties. Careful planning and coordination were crucial to minimise disturbances to the surrounding buildings and people on the bustling Hay Street.

The concrete look achieved by Benchmark Painting continues to withstand the test of time, reflecting the team’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The skilled painters executed the desired finish, ensuring that it remained visually appealing and in line with the hotel’s aesthetic. The enduring quality of the concrete look has contributed to the hotel’s ongoing success and positive reputation.

Benchmark Painting’s ability to navigate the logistical challenges and maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the project earned them accolades from the Cooper and Oxley Builders, and their careful planning and efficient execution ensured minimal disruption to the hotel’s operations and the surrounding environment.


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