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In today’s volatile environment, safety and hygiene are vitally important and Benchmark Painting are continuously involved in the healthcare industry to keep hospitals, doctors’ offices, consultation rooms and care service areas fresh and appealing.  Our experienced team provides expert advice on colour options and recommended usage of non-toxic bacteria-free ingredients, which is necessary when planning to paint such sensitive environments. Using the right product will result in easy cleaning and durable results.

An immaculate appearance plays a large part in the efficiency of caregivers and also the health and satisfaction of patients and visitors in a healthcare facility.  We can source specialised paints that safeguard sterility in theatres, emergency rooms and high-end machines and devices that are frequently utilised in these places.  Healthcare painting is a great responsibility and one that cannot be trusted to untrained or inexperienced contractors.  Our experts can advise you on our procedures and products, so you can be sure your project is in safe hands.  We follow strict processes and communicate with our clients on all aspects.  We are even more thorough and diligent when working with the Healthcare Industry, given the type of environment.  Our procedures become stricter and more rigorous and we abide by clients’ special instructions where required.

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Clean surroundings are a pleasing, positive environment for all involved in a healthcare facility.  Our painters can complete work with minimum disruption to staff, patients, visitors or activities.  We are flexible when it comes to work hours and days and this can be arranged with our schedulers and project managers.  Your time is important to us and we endeavour to fulfil all your desires.  Ask us for information on low-odour and environmentally-friendly products for your facility; and if you require regular ongoing maintenance, we can assist with that as well, so enquire about this budget friendly option.  The staff at Benchmark Painting can arrange a consultation and quotation, as well as managing any of your particular requirements.  A project manager will schedule the project, delivering an impeccable finish on time and within budget.  We have a range of environmentally-friendly healthcare products, so if you have any questions, rest assured, our team can help.

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