Commercial Painting Raine Square


In 2018, our team at Benchmark Painting had the opportunity to take on a remarkable commercial painting project on at the iconic Raine Square precinct in Perth. This project presented us with the exciting challenge of painting a diverse array of commercial properties, including retail shops, a food court, entertainment venues, a cinema and a supermarket. Additionally, we were entrusted with the refurbishment and repainting of a historic building attached to Raine Square, further showcasing our expertise in both modern and heritage structures.


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One of the key aspects we had to consider was working with heights. Painting high-rise buildings within the precinct required meticulous planning and adherence to stringent safety protocols. With our skilled team and extensive experience, we executed the project flawlessly, ensuring a seamless integration of our painting work while prioritising the safety of our personnel.

To achieve a flawless finish and maximise efficiency, we extensively utilised spray painting techniques on the internal ceilings and structural steel elements. This approach allowed us to cover large surface areas effectively while maintaining a smooth and even coat. Our proficiency in spray painting played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional results that met the project’s requirements and exceeded the expectations of our client.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with our client, Built, a renowned construction company. Effective communication, close coordination, and a collaborative approach were key to ensuring a successful outcome. Our seamless integration of painting services within the overall construction timeline allowed for a streamlined execution, meeting the client’s expectations and delivering outstanding results.

Situated on the bustling corner of Wellington Street and Murray Street in Perth, the Raine Square precinct posed unique challenges in terms of public safety and convenience. We planned our work processes to minimise disruptions to the general public, particularly at this busy intersection. Our commitment to professionalism and consideration for the surrounding environment underscored our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Our team at Benchmark Painting was proud to be part of the Raine Square project. Painting a diverse range of commercial properties and refurbishing a heritage building demanded our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Working with heights and utilising spray painting techniques, we achieved remarkable results that transformed the precinct into a visually captivating and vibrant space. The successful collaboration with our client, Built, further enhanced the project’s success, solidifying our reputation as a trusted and skilled painting provider.


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