In 2012, Benchmark Painting completed a commercial and industrial painting project on Discovery Drive in Bibra Lake, Perth. The project consisted of ten separate premises, which were a combination of warehouse and retail space. As a result, Benchmark Painting had to combine both commercial and industrial painting knowledge to complete the job.


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The project involved both exterior painting and interior painting, and Benchmark Painting provided an extensive colour consultancy service to ensure the aesthetics of the building were as pleasing as possible. The exterior of the building required the painting of tilt-up panels with weatherproof paint and the application of the right colours for feature walls. Elevated work platforms were used during the external painting process to ensure safety and efficiency.

Some of the commercial tenancies required fit-out painting to match their businesses’ needs, which was successfully provided by Benchmark Painting. Additionally, other tenants required epoxy flooring finishes, which is a core part of Benchmark Painting’s painting business, and the company was able to provide this service as well.

The project was completed with a quick turnaround, which was exactly what the Bibra Lake area needed during a time of rapid expansion. The final touch to the project was the painting of the line markings for the car park, ensuring that the building was professionally painted for its new tenants.

Benchmark Painting’s team consisted of three professionals who worked efficiently and effectively to complete the project. Their extensive knowledge and experience in both commercial and industrial painting ensured that this warehouse painting project was completed to the highest standard.

Benchmark Painting’s ability to provide an extensive colour consultancy service was invaluable to the success of the project. It allowed the tenants to have a say in the aesthetics of their premises and ensured that the building was cohesive in its appearance.

The use of elevated work platforms during the external painting process is a testament to Benchmark Painting’s commitment to safety and efficiency. This allowed the team to complete the job quickly and safely without compromising on the quality of the work.

Benchmark Painting’s commercial painting project on Discovery Drive in Bibra Lake, Perth, was a great success. The project required a combination of commercial and industrial painting knowledge, extensive colour consultancy, and the use of elevated work platforms. The team’s ability to provide these services efficiently and effectively resulted in a high-quality finish that met the needs of the building’s new tenants.


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