Commercial Painting for Kings Square 1


In 2020, Benchmark Painting completed this commercial painting project at the King’s Square Precinct in Perth, Australia. The project was commissioned by a Tier 1 builder, and our company was referred to the job by a partner who knew we specialised in working in high-risk environments, including heights.


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The project was not without its challenges, as the location of the painting work was in a busy area of Wellington street, Perth. The project required a team of six painters who had to be mindful of the tenants and the public during the entire project. To ensure the safety of the workers and the public, traffic management was a crucial part of the project plan. The scope of the project was extensive, and the work required remediation of cracks on the blade walls, as well as a skin coating finish. Our company was responsible for the remediation work, which included bridge cracks on the blade walls and the application of a fairing coat. The concrete was then sanded back to ensure a smooth and even finish. To access the painting areas, a range of access methods was used, including rope access, swing stages, and boom lifts. The use of these methods required careful planning and execution, as the safety of the workers was a top priority. The team was highly experienced in working at heights and had undergone comprehensive training to ensure they could execute the project safely. The weather conditions during the project added another layer of complexity. The project was undertaken during the summer months, which are known for their high levels of humidity and heat. Despite these challenges, the project was completed successfully, and the outcome was of high quality. The project was completed on time and within budget. Our team worked collaboratively with the Tier 1 builder and other contractors involved in the project to ensure a smooth execution. The result was a well-finished commercial painting project that met the expectations of the client.


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