In 2016, our company was hired to undertake a commercial painting project at King’s Square Precinct in Perth. The project was challenging as it required us to remediate the external panels of the building, impregnate them with concrete stain, and paint the interior of the building with high-end finishes, all within a very tight timeframe. Despite the challenges, our team of five painters delivered the project successfully, ensuring that local traffic and the general public’s safety was taken into consideration throughout the project.


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The location of the project on Wellington Street in Perth made it essential to be mindful of the public’s safety during the entire project. To ensure that the project was executed safely and with minimal disruption to the public, we deployed scissor lifts and boom lifts at certain parts of the job to help with the working at heights requirements.
The commercial building was a new construction, and our company was responsible for remediating the external panels of the building. We impregnated them with concrete stain to achieve a uniform concrete finish. The project required attention to detail, and we took the time to prepare the surface thoroughly to ensure that the final finish was of high quality.
In addition to the commercial exterior painting, our company was also called upon to paint the commercial interior painting. This required us to use high-end finishes for both the walls and the ceilings. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that their expectations were met in terms of the level of professionalism and delivery time.
The client we painted for was a major resources company with high expectations. They were satisfied with the level of professionalism that our team exhibited throughout the project, as well as the quality of work delivered within the tight timeframe.
The successful execution of this commercial painting project highlights the importance of having a team with experience and expertise in executing complex projects within tight timeframes. Our team was able to deliver the project successfully, despite the challenges posed by the location of the project on Wellington Street in Perth.
In conclusion, the King’s Square Precinct commercial painting project was a challenging undertaking that required a team of experienced painters who could work efficiently within a tight timeframe while ensuring the safety of the public. Our team was able to deliver the project successfully, impressing the client with the level of professionalism and high-quality finish. The project highlights the importance of thorough planning, attention to detail, and collaboration to achieve the desired outcome.


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