Commercial Painting Westfield Whitford


Benchmark Painting, a renowned commercial painting company, recently completed an impressive project at Westfield Whitford City, located in Perth’s northern suburbs. This Westfield complex holds significant importance for the area of Hillary’s, serving as a popular shopping destination for local residents.


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The project involved an exciting new extension of the shopping centre, which required both interior and exterior painting tasks. A team of 14 professionals from Benchmark Painting participated in the project, bringing their expertise and skills to ensure a high-quality finish. One of the notable challenges of this 2018 redevelopment was the car park, which required car painting and line markings for both underground and external bays.

To minimise disruptions to customers, the car park painting, and line markings were carried out during nighttime hours. Benchmark Painting implemented noise management measures to respect the nearby residential neighbourhood and ensure a smooth workflow. The team executed the project with their usual professionalism, making sure not to disturb the large number of shoppers and visitors.

The scope of work also included the painting of a vast area of soffits, totalling over 6000 square meters. As the project involved an extension of an existing building, the soffits required meticulous preparation, including treatment of rust-affected steelwork and concrete. Benchmark Painting’s experience in preparing surfaces for industrial and commercial painting, especially in coastal areas where surface rust is prevalent due to salt exposure, proved invaluable for this project.

Specialised equipment, such as scissor lifts and various types of elevated work platforms, were utilised to access and paint different areas effectively and safely. The selection of Benchmark Painting for this prestigious project came after a rigorous tender process, with Westfield recognising their expertise and reputation in the industry. Benchmark Painting was proud to work for such an iconic Australian company and deliver exceptional results.

The outcome of the painting project at Westfield Whitford City was highly satisfactory. All parties involved, including Benchmark Painting, Westfield, and other stakeholders, collaborated closely throughout all stages of the project to ensure its success. The completed painting works enhanced the aesthetics and maintained the high standards of the shopping centre, creating an inviting and visually appealing environment for shoppers.


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