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– Mindarie Community Centre PAINTING

In 2017, Benchmark Painting undertook a significant commercial painting project at the Mindarie Community Centre, located in Perth’s far northern suburbs. Commissioned by Broad Construction, Benchmark Painting was responsible for painting various areas within the centre, including function rooms, a kitchen, meeting rooms, and the child care centre. These facilities held immense commercial and recreational importance, serving as crucial gathering spaces for the Quinns Rock and surrounding general community. The function and meeting rooms, in particular, were heavily utilised by the Surf Life Saving group, highlighting their special role in the community.

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– ABOUT Mindarie Community Centre PROJECT

Benchmark Painting’s team consisted of seven skilled painters who brought their expertise and attention to detail to the project. They understood the importance of maximising the aesthetic appeal and functional purpose of the different spaces within the centre. In the function rooms, the skilled commercial painters focused on creating an atmosphere that would enhance social gatherings and events. Their careful choice of colours and application techniques ensured that the function rooms were visually pleasing and conducive to their intended use.

Special painting techniques were employed in the kitchen and meeting rooms to ensure that the paint was suitable for the specific requirements of these areas. The painters utilised paints that could withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment and employed techniques to ensure durability and easy maintenance. The meeting rooms were given similar attention, with the paint selected and applied to support productive meetings and a conducive atmosphere for discussions.

Being located near the sea, the Mindarie Community Centre was subject to exposure to the weather and the corrosive effects of sea salt. Benchmark Painting addressed this challenge by using special paints designed to withstand such conditions. This proactive approach ensured that the paintwork remained in excellent condition, maintaining its vibrant appearance and protecting the surfaces from potential damage.

Throughout the project, Benchmark Painting was mindful of the community’s needs and the importance of minimising disturbances. They worked efficiently and considerately, ensuring that the painting process did not disrupt the regular operations of the centre or inconvenience the local community. This commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction was well received by both the builder and the community.

The timely and efficient completion of this commercial project by Benchmark Painting earned them commendations from the builder and the community. Even six years later, the Mindarie Community Centre continues to be utilised and appreciated by the local community, a testament to the durability and quality of the paintwork carried out by Benchmark Painting.


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