Kings Square 3


The King’s Square Precinct in Perth has recently undergone its third commercial painting project by Benchmark Painting, which was completed by a team of 13 painters. The project involved commercial interior painting and commercial exterior painting of a new construction, with concrete stain finish used on the external walls. The commercial interior painting was a fit-out paint project for a new childcare centre, which was due to open on the scheduled opening day.


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Extensive varnish finishes were also applied on the ground floor, and the team was tasked with completing all commercial painting work for the car park level, including carpark columns, signage, line markings, and walls. The team had to ensure the safety of the public who were active around the commercial painting project.

The project started in late 2016, during the summer season, and was completed in early 2017 as requested. Despite the challenges posed by the hot summer weather, the project was a success and was completed by the end of the summer.

The project’s success can be attributed to the team’s professionalism, experience, and expertise in the painting industry. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to ensuring the project’s completion on time and within budget are commendable.

In conclusion, the third King’s Square Precinct commercial painting project in Perth was a success, thanks to the team’s dedication and hard work. The project’s completion on time and within budget has ensured the client’s satisfaction and has contributed to the development of the area. The project serves as a testament to Benchmark Painting’s expertise and professionalism in the painting industry.


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