Industrial Painting for Westrac Building

– Westrac Building PAINTING

Benchmark Painting successfully completed an industrial painting project for Westrac in Guildford, Perth. Westrac, a leading construction company, was in the process of constructing their new premises and required the expertise of a renowned commercial painting contractor. Benchmark Painting emerged as a prominent choice for this significant project.


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The warehouse area of the Westrac premises was a focal point for the painting work. Extensive painting of the steelwork inside the warehouse, particularly in the distribution area, was carried out. The team applied industrial-grade epoxy finishes to ensure durability and longevity in this demanding industrial and warehouse environment. These finishes complied with strict requirements and underwent rigorous reviews to meet industry standards.

In addition to the warehouse, the project encompassed a custom painting job in the dispatch area. The team at Benchmark Painting skillfully executed this task, ensuring a tailored and high-quality finish. Furthermore, internal and external painting was conducted for the office spaces, creating a visually appealing and conducive environment for Westrac’s staff.

The project took place in 2014, and Benchmark Painting assigned a dedicated team of 19 professionals to complete the painting and epoxy finishes. Their selection for this project came through a competitive tender process, solidifying their reputation as one of Perth’s premier painting companies. The trust placed in Benchmark Painting by Westrac demonstrated their expertise and reliability in handling industrial painting projects of this scale.

Safety was of paramount importance throughout the project. To ensure the well-being of their team members and adhere to safety protocols, Benchmark Painting utilised boom lifts and scissor lifts. These elevated work platforms provided secure access to various areas, enabling efficient and safe execution of the painting tasks.

Benchmark Painting’s successful completion of the Westrac project in Guildford showcased their proficiency in industrial painting. Their ability to deliver exceptional results, apply specialised finishes, and prioritise safety highlighted their commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. By consistently demonstrating their expertise, Benchmark Painting has solidified its position as a leading commercial painting contractor in Perth.


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